Coaching that delivers tangible results for marketers & your organisation
Our team focus on a coaching experience centered around the user & their specific campaign requirements.
Our Approach
From an "adult learning" perspective, we agree that learning is best achieved when "real-world" examples are used and not a long list of hypothetical scenarios. That's why we'll ask you to think 3-6 months into the future and identify a campaign that would be best suited to underpin your Oracle CX Marketing Coaching sessions?
However, at the end of the day, this coaching is all about you
These three workshops can be delivered in-person or via webinar*. These workshop descriptions will provide you with an outline of modules covering specific areas of the technology.

We believe it's also important to convey the "why" not just the "what".

That means we'll provide tangible examples of how Oracle CX Marketing can best help your organisation meet your campaign objectives. We'll do that by focusing on your campaign objectives while using your instance of Eloqua, not a demo platform, during the workshop.

Let's keep it real!
The CMO’s essential marketing success partner
Leading disruptor and innovator brands are driving customer experience (CX) which in turn, impacts the expectations they have of you. At the same time, marketing technologies are rapidly developing on a global scale and at a pace that few companies can keep up with.

We’re here to help…

Marketing Cube’s Design For Automation Framework brings together strategy and execution, to create unique and meaningful customer experiences that deliver to the bottom line. It puts the customer at the centre of everything you do, while enabling cross-functional alignment and return on investment.

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