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How to access Redwood Design Experience
Last updated: 12 July 2024

Redwood Experience, Oracle's award-winning user experience
"Redwood is the name of Oracle’s next generation user experience. It brings state-of-the-art, consumer grade user experiences across devices to the sophisticated enterprise scenarios that Oracle enables. The Redwood experience is not just for our user interfaces."*
*SOURCE: Oracle | Redwood Philosphy
Redwood Design System wins Webby Award 2024
The Redwood Design System earns more recognition, recently winning a Webby Award in the category of Apps & Software! The Webby is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.*
This quick video shows you how to turn Redwood Experience on and how to turn it off. As of Release 23D of Eloqua, multiple areas of the platform are available in Redwood. As we roll through 2024 and the expected four releases of Eloqua we anticipate seeing Redwood expanded to additional areas of the platform.

Redwood Experience will be the default UI by Release 24D, November 2024.
From November 2024, Redwood will be the defualt UI when you login to Eloqua
  • You will still be able to turn Redwood off and return to the legacy interface. However you will have some limited functionality with newer features only being available in Redwood.
  • Start today, turn Redwood on and make it your default sooner rather than later. Watch the video above to see how easy it is to turn on.
Tips to consider for your Eloqua user community
  • Consider updating internal user guides to show the new Redwood screens.
  • Introduce Redwood to those of your user community who may not be logging into Eloqua on a regular basis.
  • Keep in mind, Redwood is being rolled out across the platform, this means you will see changes with each Eloqua Release, that's once every three months.
  • What about Eloqua E9 screens? The Eloqua Product Marketing team has been very clear, Redwood will be rolled out to ALL areas of Eloqua.
Oracle would like to hear from you about your Redwood experience
What type of feedback should I submit?
Here are some ideas for when to submit feedback:
  • If you experienced something that felt like a bug, then submit the feedback
  • Tip! Validate if the issue you are seeing exists in the legacy screen as well
  • If you experienced something that made you pause enough to think about submitting feedback, then do it
  • If you have a feature that you previously used and is now missing, then submit the feedback
  • If you loved an experience, then submit the feedback
  • If there is a design flaw that you feel passionate about, then submit the feedback
What should I include in my feedback?
Include the information below with your feedback. This will be especially helpful with bugs.
  • The instance and user information - so what instance were you logged into and who were you logged in as?
  • Your browser information - Go to your browser settings and find out the version you are using
  • Steps to reproduce (if applicable) - Be detailed and tell me how I can try to reproduce what you experienced
  • What was expected (if applicable) - based on the steps, what did you expect to happen?
  • What actually happened (if applicable) - based on the steps, what happened?
Share your Redwood feedback directly with the Oracle Eloqua Product Marketing team
How do I send my feedback?
Alexa Kalapaca - Principal Product Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud is heading the team to gather and evalutate feedback from Eloqua clients.

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