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Day 1: AM Session
Eloqua End User Training & Strategy 101 Workshop

This two day workshop is designed to lift marketing users to Modern Marketers with a focus on both the Eloqua platform and also the strategy associated with the rich level of functionality they have available to them.

Each workshop is tailored to the audience and can be adjusted as necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for all attendees.

The workshop can be facilitated in two ways:

Option 1:     Day 1 - Modern Marketing Strategy
                     Day 2 - Eloqua End User Training

This option is suitable if you have a larger marketing team with clear lines of responsibility between groups e.g. one group builds campaigns within Eloqua the other develops digital campaign strategy.

Option 2:    2 Days - A blended approach

This option delivers Modern Marketing Strategy and Eloqua End User training in a combined format. e.g. We review campaign effectiveness and then immediately apply what’s learnt during the end user session.
The morning session begins with an overview of Oracle Marketing Cloud and an introduction to Modern Marketing. Your organisation users will login to the platform and discover the various aspects of Marketing Cloud.
We introduce participants to the concept of problem based marketing and help them understand the benefits of moving their thinking from "email marketing" to "marketing automation".

  • Marketing staff should have a login to Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua.
  • A pre-work assignment will be provided to registered participants.

  • Understand the the core functionality of Eloqua and be able to navigate the system.
  • Understand how to build a campaign with the various components like email, landing pages
    and forms.
  • Be able to access and schedule
    campaign reports.

  • Attendees will leave the workshop having built
    a campaign

  • This workshop is capped at 10 attendees
  • Attendees must have access to Eloqua for the duration of the workshop.

  • A facilitator lead 2 Day face to face workshop.


  • The workshop can be hosted at any venue of your choice.
  • Marketing Cube has capacity for a group of 6 people, including our facilitator, in Sydney.
Day 1: PM Session
Day 2: AM Session
The afternoon is spent exploring two key functional areas of Eloqua. 1. Email and 2. The Campaign Canvas. Users will build emails, learn about the time saving aspects of templates and how to test email deliverability and how to send emails as batches.
We then talk through better campaign design and look at the best practice approach to delivering emails, reminders, reviewing who's opened and who's clicked through on emails.

Day 2 kicks off with a review of day 1 and we explore what's coming up today. The morning session dives into contact management, segmentation, offers and creating engaging content.
We'll explore personalisation, understanding Digital Body Language and how this can be used to deliver trigger based campaigns.

Day 2: PM Session
The afternoon session explores more around content marketing and helps users understand how to maximise current content. We then explore forms and publishing them to landing pages understanding a best practice approach to forms and how to minimise form abandonment.
The final part of the day bring all of the various component together on the Campaign Canvas and participants will learn how to launch their campaign and explore Eloqua INSIGHT and reporting.
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