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Lead Scoring 101 Workshop

Deliver the Right Leads to Sales at The Right Time
Marketing can’t drive lead scoring alone. It requires input from sales based on their interactions and experience with prospects. A combination of input will set a foundation for the rest of the workshop.
  • You should have been running Eloqua campaigns for at least 3-6 months.
  • You should at least have 3-4 active campaigns in play targeting prospects and customers.

  • Understand how to build a basic Eloqua Lead Scoring model.

  • A defined and measurable lead scoring model to support the delivery of Marketing Qualified Leads to the Sales team.

  • This workshop is capped at 10 attendees.
  • Attendees must have access to Eloqua for the duration of the workshop.
  • 1 day
    Your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
    It’s critical that workshop attendees have personal experience in your organisation’s selling process. Their understanding of how people buy your products or services will be key to developing a robust and ‘real’ lead scoring model.
    Utilising Eloqua’s segmentation capability, we will explore the quality of your contact data. We will also look at the integration with your CRM and review the data being swapped between your CRM and Eloqua.
    Fit/Profile versus Engagement
    Eloqua provides a model to support your lead scoring efforts. Based on “fit/profile” and “ engagement” combined with your weightings on various criteria, Eloqua calculates where a lead sits on the leading scoring model. i.e. A1, C2 or D4.
    Criteria & Weightings
    Now that we understand who you’re targeting via your ICP, we will walk you through a process to begin scoring and applying weightings to the various fit/profile and engagement criteria. 
    No Lead Left Behind
    With the amount of effort and investment put into delivering Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales, simply casting them aside once qualified out is a flawed plan. We’ll review the idea of a Lead Recycling program.
    Reports & Dashboards
    Exploring and reviewing Eloqua reporting is a necessary step to understanding the effectiveness of your chosen lead scoring model. In this final module we’ll explore the creation of additional models for other areas of your organisation.
    Why Score Leads?
    One of the biggest challenges in most organisations is the definition of what constitutes a “Lead” and understanding when it should be passed from Marketing to Sales.
    Once you have a Lead Scoring model in place, sales and marketing can begin to understand and gain insight from the contacts presented as an “A1” lead. Through refinement and feedback Lead Scoring can become one of your organisations most powerful business processes.
    Workshop Module Breakdown
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    Customer Experience (CX) & Nurturing Campaigns
    As more companies begin to understand the need for a clear Customer Experience (CX) strategy, lead scoring is one way to gain the insight needed to better manage prospect and customer engagement.
    Lead Scoring empowers the Marketing team to nurture prospects with personlised campaigns then deliver marketing qualified leads to the sales team.
    This means the sales team can focus on the right prospects at the right time and avoid endless phone calls from extensive lists of people who are no more than names i.e. they have no relationship with your organisation.
    This workshop walks your team through a defined process to build a basic Eloqua lead scoring model.