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Form Management & Processing

Eloqua Forms has a wide range of applications within your campaigns. If you're hosting an event, there will be a specific set of questions you need to ask.

If you're building a Lead Nurturing campaign they will be different again. Careful consideration needs to be given to the type of campaign and the questions you will ask.

The other consideration is the target audience of your campaign. Are they prospects or customers? Are they "Known" or "Unknown" Contacts in the context of your Marketing Coud database.

It's likely that you will already have the basic contact details for your "Known" contacts e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email
address etc. Asking those questions again and again is a waste of time and will take up valuable space on your form.

Notice the yellow highlighted fields below, this means they will auto-populate for "Known" contacts. This is helpful for form completion and allows the contact to update or correct information as they complete the form.

However, if the target audience is "Unknown" to your Eloqua database, you will want to capture the basic demographic details listed above. The Form tips below will give you an overview of Eloqua Forms and how they can save you time and improve data quality.
Eloqua Forms Tutorial
The chart above is data collected by Oracle from all Marketing Cloud Eloqua users globally and shows the ideal number of fields for your form. Seven is the magical number, however we would encourage you to have less.

With auto-population of a Contact's details and the ability to have
Hidden Fields, you can get the number of fields down to ensure less
form abandonment.
Form Processing Steps unleash a range of powerful time saving functions
Once you have designed your form, the Processing Steps allow you to drive a range of functions. You can Send The Submitter and Email, generally a thank you style email that may include a link to an offer you've presented.

You can use the Redirect To A Web Page function to send people to an additional asset i.e. a specific landing page or an existing page within your website once the form has been submitted.

You can also have Eloqua send a Notification Email to a range of people within
Your organisation at the same time e.g. the Contact owner.

Adding people to a Shared Contact List is a way to automatically group people based on their engagement. For example you may add everyone who has registered to an event to a new campaign designed to drip feed a series of emails in the lead up to your event.

There are 21 Form Processing Steps available to help you automate the information people share with you via forms, we've shown only six of the most basic ones in the image above.
Getting a little bit fancy with your Forms

Using the "Always", "Conditionally" and "Never" buttons you can start to personlise what happens when someone submits a form based on their responses.

In the context of an event, if people register for Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide you can send them an email with details for specifically that city. In addition, using dynamic content in the email, you can present an image of the respective cities skyline.

Forms & Lead Scoring

When you view form completion/submission in the context of a person's digital body language it represents a high level of engagement. They're interested in what you're offering. Your Lead Scoring model can weight this engagement and score your leads accordingly.

One final tip, Forms can be edited once your campaign is live. If you miss a question or pick up a typo, you can edit it if needed. There's no need to deactivate the campaign, edit the form directly.
The Twitter Feed Box below is just one of the many Apps you can add to your Eloqua Landing Pages.

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