Problem Based Marketing
Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua
Lead Nurturing 101 Workshop

Engage with people on their own terms
Attendees will understand the fundamental premise that buyers will not invest in your product or service until they acknowledge they have a business problem that requires a solution.
  • Marketing staff should have a login to Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua.
  • Sales staff should be prospect facing.

  • Understand how to execute a problem based marketing lead nurturing campaign.
  • Understand the flow of the campaign best suited to your target segment.

  • Fully deployed* lead nurturing campaign for one target audience built in Eloqua.
  • *1 day workshop only and assumes a degree of pre-work has been completed i.e. artwork and content.

  • This workshop is capped at 10 attendees
  • Attendees must have access to Eloqua for the duration of the workshop.

  • Half Day or
  • 1 day
An Ideal Client
Based on the profile of your installed base, attendees will build an ideal client profile or ‘ICP’. The ICP creates a framework and reference tool to help shape messaging and content delivery throughout this and future campaigns.
Nurturing is not just a top of funnel prospect strategy. Partners, staff and customers can all benefit from nurturing campaigns. Attendees will determine who is the target of this nurturing campaign.
Oracle Marketing Cloud provides rich segmentation capability ensuring your message is executed with quality in mind verses quantity.
Nurturing Who?
The Offer
Attendees must come to the workshop armed with a range of available offers. These could include white papers, video, webinars, seminars and other low or no cost offers. Additional offers may be developed during the workshop.
Largely dependent on your existing profile data, Oracle Marketing Cloud provides the ability to personalise your messages with contacts. We’ll review best practice personalisation and determine its most appropriate use within your lead nurturing campaign.
The Message
Finally, utilising each of the previous 6 modules activities, your team will develop a range of messages to engage your target audience.
Workshop Module Breakdown
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Overview Nurturing & CX Campaigns

The concept of nurturing is both a pre-sale and post-sale strategy. From a pre-sales point of view, Oracle Marketing Cloud enables you to personalise each engagement for prospects and deliver an improved Customer Experience.

As buyer behaviour has changed it’s now more critical than ever before for Modern Marketers to engage with prospects and customers on their own terms.
Utilising Oracle Marketing Cloud functionality like trigger based marketing and lead scoring, marketers are able to deliver a range of assets to interested parties through a campaign designed to engage people and then score their digital behaviour.
Email Marketing v’s Marketing Automation
  • Email marketing is the constant repetition of sending emails to your contacts. There’s no evaluation of behaviour and little insight beyond open rates, click through and form completion.
  • Marketing Automation is the ability to engage with prospects and customers on their own terms through trigger based marketing campaigns. People progress through the top of funnel based on their engagement and digital behaviour.
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