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It’s easy to become insular in our campaign execution and potentially repeat the same type of communications over and over.

You probably have an annual or at least a quarterly marketing plan in place. As you break that plan into campaigns, we can start to look at how Eloqua can help you better execute and engage with prospects and customers.

Our Customer Success team can provide insight around Eloqua functionality to help you realise greater returns on your Eloqua investment. Our team can sit with your marketing team, review the current marketing plan and help you exploit the rich functionality Eloqua has to offer.

Like many customers, you probably hit the ground running following the implementation of Eloqua. Have you taken the time to take a step back and review the performance of your campaigns beyond the usual metrics of opens, click-throughs, landing page visits and form completion / abandonment?

If not, it’s time.

Execute Campaigns in less than 24 hours
We Can Help In A Variety of Ways
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Lead Scoring & Trigger Based Campaigns
Our Customer Success team can support you in a
variety of ways.

From as little as a half day engagement or a larger project or even buying blocks of time to draw from as needed, our Customer Success team can engage with you in a way that suits your team and your budget.
Developing a Marketing Automation Road Map in concert with your marketing plan is a great starting point for either new Eloqua users or those who may be a little more seasoned in their use of the platform.

The Road Map helps align your team to what’s ahead and how Eloqua can be exploited further to better realise your organisation’s goals around customer experience and
overall growth.

Let's Start With A Road Map
After signing on as an Eloqua client, Kaila Garrison and the rest of the marketing team at Compendium were faced with the challenge of gaining buy-in from their sales and leadership teams. While the company was new to Eloqua, they were not new to marketing automation. Because of a negative experience with a previous provider, marketing had to convince the company that things would be different.
Specific Campaign Support
From time to time, you may need support from Marketing Cube like you would from an external agency. Our Eloqua Technical Team is able to support Your organisation in a number of ways.

It may be support through integration requirements, perhaps more complex campaign builds or assistance with reporting.

Digital Body Language is the online equivalent of the facial expressions revealed around the negotiating table. It is comprised of web site visits, content downloads, keyword searches, and email responses. In many ways, online buyer behaviour provides the most accurate picture of prospect interest and intent. By analysing the timing, frequency, and clickstream data of web site visits, marketers can zero in on the buyer’s pains, concerns, and motivations.
Click on the coffee cup and let us know when is a good time to catch up and learn how Eloqua can help Your organisation.
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